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Speakman Law is a private law firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, taxation and company law advice. We are time critical and friendly.

At Speakman Law you will receive top quality and expert advice commensurate to that of a big firm.  How can you be sure of that? Because at Speakman Law you will only deal with senior lawyers who have many years experience working in big firms, are committed to excellence and have a reputation for it.  Testimony to that is Peter's authorship of a recent book published by CCH, entitled "A Practical Guide to Tax Penalties in New Zealand".  Peter has also written chapters for other text books and frequently contributes to the NZ Tax Planning Reports.



At Speakman Law you will only deal with experts. Our experience and commercial acumen means we can give you the best possible commercial and legal advice.


We are located in Auckland, NZ




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